About Me:

My name is Chuong K. Nguyen. I have been in the IT industry for 25 years (since 1994 and this year is 2019). Currently I am interested in Cloud Technology, Virtualization, Active Directory, and Messaging technology.

Areas of interest/implementation include but not limited to the followings:

– Microsoft Windows Server
– Microsoft Exchange Server
– VMWare ESXi
– Citrix XenApp
– Cloud Computing Technology
– Cisco IOS
– Linix Administration

Below are some of my certifications that I have logos of.  There are other certifications that I own but I do not have logos so I do not include them here.

MCSE_2013(rgb)_1460_1483 MCITP_2013(rgb)_1085 MCSA_2013(rgb)_1458_1480 MCP_2013(rgb)_1519

MCTS_2013(rgb)_531 MCTS_2013(rgb)_1078 MCTS_2013(rgb)_1079 MCTS_2013(rgb)_1080


About This Blog:

This blog site is built to publish some of my IT (Information Technology) lab materials.  These labs are done on my spare time such as evenings and weekends as test procedures, documentation processes, and proof of concept.  My goal is to blog all of the step-by-step labs to share with other IT admins who would like to use them as references for their work.  This work is completely free and I hope that it will benefit someone looking for technical resources.  Thank You for visiting. Your comments / suggestion / donation to keep this site going is greatly appreciated.

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