CentOS – Samba Service (PART 16)

Lab 16: Samba

The DNS system is on the Linux server and NOT on the Domain Controller.
In this lab, we present another server called DC2012 and it is promoted to be a Domain Controller.

1/ Samba
SAMBA supports file, print sharing, and using SMB protocol (IBM)
Samba use these protocols
– smbd = TCP 139/445
– nmbd = UDP 137/138

On the Samba server, enter the command


Ensure that the IP address is

On the DC2012, enter the command


to ensure that its IP is

On Samba server, check all installed Samba packages

rpm –qa | grep samba

2/ Install Samba Client:
Mount CD

rpm –ivh /media/Packages/samba-client…rpm

Check again:

rpm –qa | grep samba

3/ Configure Samba

vi /etc/samba/smb.conf
:set nu
passdb backend = smbpasswd
service smb start
(Somehow service failed to start, I had to remove it using rpm –remove samba* and reinstall all samba packages and dependancies from the CD).
chkconfig smb on

From DC2012
From Linux, ping

Check status of SMB

service smb status
netstat -antp