CentOS – SWAT Global


Samba Swat = Web based Samba management for admins

rpm –qa | grep samba

mount /dev/cdrom /media

rpm –ivh /media/Packages/samba-swat-….rpm

(Pre-requisites = xinetd-…rpm)



ls /etc/xinetd.d/ -l

you will see swat file there

vi /etc/xinetd.d/swat

:set nu

port = 901

only_from =

user = root

disable = no




service xinetd restart

chkconfig xinetd on

netstat –anlt


We will see port 901 is listening. Also port 445 is listening.

On DC2012, launch browser,

Access the web portal

Login as root / Pass1234

You will see the Swat page.

Click Global to change basic settings. Add Alias name (boss), change workgroup, etc…

After changing, click Commit Change

Under Status, Click Restart samba using the web interface.

Test the aboce change


The status page will report who is connecting to the samba server.

Check in Wins to ensure that Maychu appears in Wins

Log back in the Swat

Check Status, Active Shares to see if the shares are available.

On a client clear cache

then login to \\boss, login as st2. You can see that the server status appears as such.