CentOS – SWAT Shares – PART 26



cd /data

mkdir marks



Login as t1

On Swat page

Click Shares

Click Advanced to see advanced settings.

Create Share:

Enter “marks”

Comments: Marks for first semester

path: /data/marks

write list: +teachers

valid users: +teachers, +students

guest ok: no

read only: yes

browesable: yes

available: yes


Click Commit Change

Click Restart All.

From DC2012 access \\DNSSRV, log in as t1, t2, st1, st2 for test.

We can see that t1 cannot create sub-folder or files. Enter commands

chmod 775 –R /data/marks

chgrp teachers /data/mark/

Now t1 can create sub-folder or files.

netstat –anlt

Observe that port 139 is established.


Try create a new user using Swat

Then clear cache on DC2012

Access the share using \\DC2012, login as the new user.