How to Install and Configure MS Exchange Server 2013 from Scratch (Part 5)

How to Install and Configure Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 SP1 from Scratch (Part 5)


V/ Installing and Configuring Exchange Server 2013

On EX2013, run Setup.exe from the Exchange DVD

Choose NOT to update from the Internet. (We will install the CU5 file by ourselves).

Upon the introduction screen, click Next.

Agree to the licensing agreement, click Next.

Choose “Don’t use recommended settings” to dis-allow sending errors to Microsoft, since this is just a lab environment.

Choose 2 necessary roles: MB and CAS

Checkmark on “Automatically install Windows Server roles and features that are required to install Exchange Server”

Choose the Disk to install Exchange. This is just for the Exchange Installation, not the database and log

Click No to disallow using Malware Protection

Click Next for readiness check. Wait…

Click Install, wait for 1 hour. Go for a coffee now and come back in an hour.

When finished, click Finish.

Restart server: shutdown –r –t 0

Check the Admin Console: https://ex2013.dalaris.local/ECP

Enter Domain Admin username and password (should be DALARIS\Administrator)

Select language and time zone

Create a new mailbox +, and check that it is created.