How to Install and Configure MS Exchange Server 2013 SP1 from Scratch (Part 8)

How to Install and Configure Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 SP1 from Scratch (Part 8)


VIII/ Troubleshooting (this is for reference only):

Mail stuck in Draft Folder

While sending from our Exchange server out, if the email stuck in DRAFT items, please check the followings:

  1. Click Server, then adjust DNS lookup, make sure it see as the DNS server. Please do not use
  2. Also disable Windows Firewall.
  3. Perform port forwarding on the router for Port 25
  4. Ensure you can telnet to port 25 from the Internet.

MX record settings

MX settings needs to be correct for incoming mail to flow properly. First, check what your current public IP address is using this web site: In my case, it is as follows:

Make sure the MX record points to the public IP address correctly.

If you don’t want to use nslookup, you can use the MXTOOLBOX.COM web site to check your MX records as I did below:

The MX records shown above is set within your DNS name server. In my case, I use NameCheap to host my DNS for the zone. I made sure that I have the following settings within the DNS entries:

MX entry:

A record entry:

Default Mail flow settings

Make sure that you have the following Mail-flow settings in Exchange 2013:

Default Receive Connectors

Default Client Front End Transport:

Default Client Proxy

Default Front End Transport


Default Hub Transport

Outbound Proxy Frontend EX2013


Send Connector

Make sure you have the following Send Connector:

Exchange Certificate

Make sure you have a valid Exchange Certificate

IIS Binding

On EX2013, make sure you have bindings for Default Web Site as follows:

And Exchange Back End Bindings:


  • To use OutlookAnywhere, you cannot use a selfsigned Certificate. Has to be a commercial one or one from CA.
  • On DC2012, install CA and issue command in PowerShell:

    certreq -submit -attrib “CertificateTemplate: WebServer” WebServerCertReq.txt

  • On router, you must have port forwarding for the following applications