How to Install and Configure ProFTPd in Ubuntu 15.04.01

How to install and configure ProFTPD in Ubuntu 15.04.01


Ensure that TCP, IP and DNS is correctly set on the server.

Verify that TCP/IP is properly set:

vi /etc/network/interfaces

Verify DNS to ensure that is is properly set:

vi /etc/resolv.conf is correctly set


Update Repositories

apt-get update

Install ProftpD

apt-get install proftpd

Choose “from inetd” and hit OK

Configure ProFTPD

vi /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf

Make sure DefaultRoot is not commented and has value of ~/

service proftpd restart

Add a new user and change the password for the user.

Make a new directory called /home/www/

Randomly generate five files inside /home/www/

Give ownership for to ftpuser using the command:

chown ftpuser:ftpuser –R

Edit /etc/passwd to ensure it has the appropriate directory for ftpuser.

Login test

From another workstation (I use a Windows computer in this case), try to access the FTP site. In the command prompt, access the FTP server by typing the command:

ftp (this is the IP address of the server)

Now supply a user name and a password to login. Use ls to see the five files listed.

Download file

To download file1 from the FTP server to the local PC, type: mget file1

Upload file

To upload file6 from the local computer to the FTP server, type: mput file6

to list all files again, type ls

That’s it!