How to Install and Configure Windows 8.1 Professional

How to Install and configure Windows 8.1 Professional


Turn on the computer, press the key to access the BIOS (check your machine’s manual for the actual key). Then once inside the BIOS, change the boot sequence to start with the DVD drive first, then the Hard Drive being the second in the sequence. That way, the computer will boot into the DVD drive, read the installation disc and install it onto the hard disk.

Insert the Windows 8.1 DVD into the DVD drive, boot the computer up from the DVD drive.

I am performing this lab in a VMWare Workstation VM so you will not see some of the first few steps but it is very simple.

The process will begin and the computer will automatically restart.

When the computer restarts, it will be installing some default apps for you as shown in the below progress.

Once done, you will be presented with a screen like this

Click on the screen to login. Enter the password for the default user. Press Enter when done.

You will presented with the Start screen with tiles. Click the Desktop tile to begin seeing your desktop.

As you can see, Windows 8.1 has the Start menu (unlike Windows 8).

Right-click on the Start menu and choose System.

As you can see, that the Windows Edition is “Windows 8.1 Pro”

Click on Change Settings to rename the computer to “Client1″

Click the Change button.

Enter the name of the computer. Click OK.

A dialog shows up telling you that you need to restart the computer. Click OK to acknoledge that.

Click Close.

Click the Restart Now button.

Congratulation! Now you have successfully installed and configured a working Windows 8.1 Professional.