How to Install Microsoft Windows 10

How to Install Microsoft Windows 10



In this lab I will show you how to install Windows 10.

Insert the Windows 10 DVD into the DVD Drive. Make sure that the boot order takes the DVD drive as the first boot device. Turn on the computer.

Select the language, time/currency format, keyboard method, and then click Next.

Click Install Now.

Accept the license and click Next.

Choose Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)

Choose the drive to install Windows then click Next.

Now wait for the installation to complete.

When the installation finishes, click Customize settings.

Leave the above four options as default. click Next.

The following four options are also left as default. Click Next.

Give it a moment.

Click Join a domain. Click Continue.

Enter the user name and password for the administrator user and click Next.

Give it a moment.

In a couple of seconds after the above wait, Windows 10 will setup applications for you.

In only a few minutes, Windows 10 is ready for you to use.

Test the Internet by launching the Edge. Edge is the brand new browser brought to you by Microsoft.

Microsoft Edge launches.

In this lab I have shown you how to install Microsoft Windows 10.