How to Recover Windows OS for your Surface Pro

How to Recover Windows OS for Your Surface Pro


You purchased a Surface Pro and have been using it for a couple of weeks. Now the device fails to boot Windows. If it were a laptop or a PC it would be straightforward, but a Surface Pro requires a bit of work to get it to function again. Here are the steps to make it work.

Step 1: Visit the web site:

Step 2: Click “Continue without Signing in”

Under Product, Choose Surface Laptop and enter serial number as follows: KHONGKHONGTAMSAUCHINBONMOTBAYHAIHAINAMBAY

Click Continue.

Download the provided image.  for example, download “Surface Laptop (1st Gen) – 256GB i7 8GB M1769 – Windows 10 Pro in S Mode Version 1703″

The downloaded file is “”

Step 3: Extract the zip file to a directory

Step 4: On a working Windows 10 PC, Insert an empty USB drive (8GB or 16GB) click Start, type “Recovery drive”, and then select Create a recovery drive.

Make sure to clear the Back up system files to the recovery drive check box and then select Next.

Select your USB drive, and then select Next > Create.  Windows will copy some utilities to the recovery drive. Wait a few minutes.  Click Finish when done.

Select all the files from the extracted zip file (in step 3), copy them to the USB recovery drive you created, and then select to overide the files in the destination.

Once the files have finished copying, select the Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media icon on the taskbar, and remove your USB.

Step 5: Boot the Surface Pro using this DVD and press F12 to boot from it.  Follow the steps to recover Windows to your malfunctioning device.