Manage Send-as Permission in Exchange Server 2010

This blog will show you how to setup the ability for an Exchange mail user to send email on behalf of another mail user in the same mail organization. This is a very straight-forward procedure that can be beneficial for assistants or other employees with the need to send an email on behalf of another person.

The procedure described here is used for Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 although it is very similar to other Microsoft Exchange Server and Office Suite.

First, log into the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. Open the Exchange Management Console, expand Recipient Configuration, and click on Mailbox. Choose the user(s) whose email address you would like to be sent as by another user. In this case, I will allow the user Frank N to send as Chuong Nguyen.

Right click on the user that you would like to give permission (for the other user) to send on its behalf and click on Manage Send As Permission. In this case, because I would like to give Frank N the ability to send as Chuong Nguyen, I right-click on Chuong Nguyen and choose Manage Send As Permission.

Click Add to add the user that you want to give permission to send as.

Choose/add the user franknn then click Manage.

Click Finish when completed.

This process will take effect in 2 hours. To make it effective right away, restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service (services.msc). You need to restart the service on the Mailbox Server that contains these accounts.

Click Start, Run, type services.msc. Right-click on Microsoft Exchange Information Store and choose Restart from the popup menu.

Next open Microsoft Outlook for the user who will be sending email. In our case, we would be checking mail for the user franknn. Click New Email to compose a new email.

Type in the To: field, the subject, and the body of the email. Then click on the Options tab, above Show Fields, click on From.

Click on the From field drop down, click Other Email Address… to enter the email address who you will be sending an email as.

In this case enter as the send as address. Click OK.

Notice that the From address has been changed to Now click Send to send the email out.

If permissions were set in Exchange correctly, the email will be sent without errors or bounce back.

Log into Gmail to receive the new email.

Now reply to the email from Gmail. The replied email will not go into email account but it will go into email inbox. This is because the sender is

As you can see, there is no mail in the inbox.

But the email end up in the account.

That’s it.