PART 11 – How to Install Applications on Citrix XenApp Server 6.5

Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Click Install Application on Remote Desktop…



(In this lab, I Downloaded teamviewer from the teamviewer web site for this test process.)


Click Next. The installation program tries to look for installers in the CDROM or Floppy Drive



After unsuccessfully searched, it prompts for location. Choose where you stored teamviewer.



Click Next


Click Run.



Now go through the installation process as usual.


Click Finish when done.



Close the application.


Command Line Notes

  • For command line options:
  • change user /install # to put server in install mode.
  • change user /execute # to put server in execute mode.
  • change user /query # to query mode mode.
  • If reboot is required in the middle of an installation, check RUNONCE registry key.