PART 14 – How to Launch Teamviewer Application from XenApp

In this blog I will show you how to launch the published application (TeamViewer). Let’s perform this on a Windows 8 Professional client computer inside the LAN.

Install Citrix Receiver.

Click Yes on User Account Control. Click Next.

Accept the License and click Install.

Wait for the installation to take place.

Click Finish.

Make sure the TCP/IP of this Windows 8 client has its DNS pointing back to the DNS Server on the Domain Controller. In this case it is If this is not done, the client cannot resolve XA65.XALAB.LOCAL (This Windows 8 client is in WORKGROUP mode).

Make sure you allow the addon to be executed in your browser. If this is blocked, you will have an error.

Click Allow.

Login as XALAB\administrator / Pass1234.

From there, you can see the Utilities folder.

Open the folder to reveal the TeamViewer application. You can now launch the app internally inside the LAN.

Clicking the icon to see the app launching

Click Permit Use

And the TeamViewer App launches successfully.