PART 15 – How to Launch TeamViewer Application from The Internet

The proper way to access our published applications is through the use of a NetScaler. However, we have not deployed a NetScaler Gateway yet. Therefore, in this blog post I will show you how to access your applications from the Internet by forwarding HTTP traffics to your Web Interface server from the firewall perspective. This task is a little bit more complicated. Follow the following tasks to get it done.

  • Make sure you have Port forwarding for the following ports: 80, 53389, 1494, 443, 8200, 2598, 8080
  • Then you need to Go to the web interface management console, Right click on the site, choose Secure Access. Make sure you have the following access rules:
  • Alternate
  • Direct
  • Default Alternate.
  • Then open CMD, type ALTADDR /set
  • Now any host on the Internet including iPhone, iPad devices, can access the applications published.