PART 2 – Configure Active Directory / Domain Controller

In this part, I will guide you through the installation and configuration process to setup a Domain Controller. Since Citrix XenApp 6.5 heavily depends upon Active Directory, setting this server up is one of the pre-requisites.

Insert the DVD and Install Server 2008 R2. Go through the setup process to have the server up and running.

Now, we need to set the TimeZone correctly.

Then change the time correctly as Domain environment is very strict about timing.

Set TCP/IP Networking for the server:

Rename the Server to DC.

Restart the server

Enable Remote Desktop

Turn off Windows Firewall temporarily.

Run dcpromo to promote the server into the domain controller.

Use Advanced mode installation, Click next

Click next on the introduction of the enhanced security encryption algorithm.

Create a new forest

Enter the FQDN of the root domain, click Next.

Accept the provided NETBIOS domain name, click next.

Choose Forest Functional Level to be Server 2008 R2. Click Next.

Choose to install DNS Server role. Click Next

Since this is our first DNS server, click Yes to ignore the delegation warning

Choose the default location for the Active Directory database. Click Next.

Choose a DSRM password and click Next.

Click Next.

Checkmark on Reboot on completion. The server will reboot by itself after the installation is completed.

Log back into the domain ad the Domain Administrator. The local Administrator account is now the domain administrator because this is the domain controller.

Open Active Directory Users and Computers to verify it is installed correctly

Also open DNS Server to verify Zones are there.

That’s it!