PART 3 – Configure Citrix XenApp Server XA65

Now that we have cloned a server called XA65, in this post, I will show you how to configure it so that we can install XenApp 6.5 on it.

First, log into the server XA65 as local Administrator.

Change the TimeZone

Change the date/time to match that with the Domain Controller DC.

Configure TCP/IP. In this lab, I will use for the server XA65.

Enable RDP so that we can remote to the server when needed.

Temporarily turn off Windows Firewall.

Change the Server name and Join the domain. The domain is called XALAB.LOCAL.

Enter Domain Administrator credentials to allow domain join

Click OK when done.

Click OK to restart

Click Restart Now

After the server restarts, please click Switch User to login as a Domain Administrator.

Click Other User

Enter credentials as shown:

That’s it!