PART 4 – Install and Configure Remote Desktop Licensing

Remote Desktop Licensing is one of the pre-requisites for XenApp. In this lab I will show you how to install the Remote Desktop Licensing Role and how to configure this role.

In Server Manager, click Roles and then click Add Roles

Click Next on the welcome screen

Choose Remote desktop services. Click Next.

Click Next on the Introduction screen

Choose only the Remote Desktop Licensing checkbox. Click Next.

Do not check on “Configure Discovery Mode.” Choose This domain (automatically chosen).

Click Install

Wait a little bit

Click Close when done



Step 3: Activation of TS License server.

Click Start, Administrative Tools. Choose Remote Desktop Services. Choose Remote Desktop Licensing Manager.

Right/Click on XA65 and Activate server. Click Next on Welcome screen.

Use Automatic Connection to activate server. This will communicate with MS Clearinghouse.

Contacting Microsoft Clearinghouse

The First Name, Last name, Company, Country must match your license information you purchased. Click Next.

Email, OU, Company Address, City, State, Postal Code must also match license information you purchased. Click Next to activate.

Wait for a few seconds…

After activation, you need to install the license. Click Next to do so.

Click Next


This will contact MS Clearinghouse.

Fill in the Contract between you and Microsoft.

Click Next.

I will cancel this because I do not have TS License purchased.

Note: Even you canceled, the activation status shown as ACTIVATED with a green checkmark on it. You will get 180 days trial for lab.