Postfix PART 1 – Ubuntu Linux Server 14.04.1 Installation


PART 1 – Installing and Configuring Ubuntu Server 14.01.1

First, Insert the Ubuntu DVD and boot the server up.

Choose English as the language.

Choose Install Ubuntu Server and press Enter.

Choose English as the language during the installation process.

Choose the country you are located in followed by pressing the Enter key.

Select No to keyboard detection.

Choose English keyboard

Choose English for keyboard again.

When/if you see this screen, just choose Continue.

Choose configure network manually

Enter your public IP address.

Enter subnet mask

Enter the default gateway

Enter the DNS server as

Enter the host name

Enter the domain name.

Enter your full name

Enter the user name

Choose a secure password

Retype the password

Select No to encryption

Select No to change the time zone.

Choose Toronto as Time Zone

Choose Guided Partitioning

Choose Guided – use entire disk

Select the disk available

Finish partitioning and Write changes to disk

Select Yes to write changes to disk

Now we have to wait for the installation to finish. It will take about 5 minutes to complete.

Choose None for Proxy setting, just hit Continue.

Choose No automatic updates

Choose OpenSSH server to install

Choose Yes to install GRUB boot loader. Note that Linux is the only Operating System on this disk.

Installation is complete. Now hit Continue to reboot the system.

Now log in as the user you created earlier.

Enter sudo su and type the password for the user to elevate the account to root status.

Now from a host on the Internet, use Putty to SSH into the Linux box that we just configured.

As you can see, we are able to access the server via SSH

Also try to elevate the account to root level

Conclusion: in this post I have guided you through the installation and configuration of Ubuntu Linux 14.04.1 Server. In the next few posts, we will try to install and configure POSTFIX mail server on this box.