Postfix PART 5 – Adding SPF (TXT) Record


PART 5 – Adding SPF (TXT) Record


We need to add SPF record to the mail domain.  You may ask why are we doing this?  The reason is that without SPF records, mail can experience all kinds of issues such as mail being bounced back, blacklisted, causing the company to lose business.  Therefore, we need to take care of our DNS records for the mail server.  Besides the MX record, we need to have an SPF (TXT) record and an SRV record in place too.  In this section, I will show you how to create an SPF (TXT) record for the mail domain.

Step 1: Find out the current SPF record.

Step 2: Generate an SPF record


Enter the following information

domain =

Allow servers listed as MX to send email for this domain = Yes

Allow current IP address of the domain to send email for this domain = Yes

Allow any hostname ending in dalaris,cin ti send email for this domain = No.

How strict should be the servers treating the emails = SoftFail

Note the DNS entry on top

Copy the value between the quotes (not including the quotes.

v=spf1 mx a ip4: ~all

Step 4: Add an SPF (TXT) record in DNS

Now in your public DNS, add the record (an SPF is a TXT record). Wait for the DNS replication to take place and then test.

Step 5: Verify DNS

To test, use this URL:

If DNS has not been updated yet, the SPF record will return as invalid.

Once the DNS has been replicated, you can see that the SPF record shows valid. Please use NSLOOKUP to check the record as well.