VM Templates – [PART 3] – Install Apps and Sysprep the System

Now I am going to install a few applications on it such as:

  • Teamviewer 10
  • Putty
  • VLC Player
  • Firefox

All of these can be downloaded from ninite.com. Select the apps listed and click the Get Installer button.

Click Run

Click Yes to allow Ninie to install the apps.

Ninite will take care of the download and installation of the four applications we selected. Please wait for a few minutes for this process to be completed.

When the process is completed, click the Close button to dismiss Ninite.

As you can see, there are application shortcuts on the desktop.

In a live environment, you will need to perform an Update for the newly installed VM. In this lab, I am going to skip that process. The next thing I will do is to run sysprep for the VM.

On the VM, open the sysprep.exe application in the following location:


Choose Generalize and Shutdown options. Click OK.

Wait for the process to complete.

The system will automatically shutdown and when the process is completed, the VM will become a Template.

Now we need to copy the VHD file to a new location to save it as a template.

Paste the VHD in a new directory, for example, Windows 8 Templates.