VM Templates – [PART 4] – Deploy a New VM Based on the Template

Now that we have the VHD as a template. Every time we need a new Windows 8 VM, all we have to do is copy this VHD file to a new directory and create a new VM based on that VHD file. Here as an example, I am going to use this template to create a new VM called MYWORKSTATION.

Copy the VHD file.

Paste it into a new Directory called MYWORKSTATION

Rename the file Windows8HE.vhd to MyWorkstation.vhd

In Hyper-V, create a new VM.

Enter a name and path for the VM. Click Next.

Leave it as Generation 1 and click Next.

Enter memory amount and click Next.

Choose a virtual switch and click Next.

Choose an existing VHD file and click Next. This is an important step.

Click Finish.

With the VM selected in Hyper-V, click Connect to connect to the console.

Click the green start button to start the VM. Once started, the button changes to gray color and becomes disabled.

Wait for the VM to boot up.