VM Templates – [PART 5] – Configure the New VM

Click the I accept the license terms for using Windows and click the Accept button.

Type the VM name and click Next.

Click Customize.

Turn on device sharing.

Click Next.

Click Next.

Turn off share info with apps and click Next.

Choose your region and keyboard settings then click Next.

Click Sign in without a Microsoft account.

Choose Local Account

Enter user information and click Finish.

The computer will be restarted and we will have a brand new VM. Wait for a few minutes while the system is preparing.

The new VM is up and running with all the apps already installed!

So we have successfully created a new Windows 8 template for Hyper-V, every time we need a new VM, all we need to do is to copy the VHD from the template directory, and from this VHD, we can deploy new VMs in no time.